Boots at a Glance

  • Location: Frankfort, IL 60423
  • Age: 5-7 Years (Est DOB:2010-2012)
  • Color/Breed: Black with White Tuxedo Shorthair
  • Gender: Male
  • Kids: Probably
  • Dogs: Unknown
  • Cats: Some

Boots and Lady’s Story

Boots MUST be adopted with Lady.

**Bonded pairs are two animals that cannot be separated and must be adopted into the same home. The adoption fee for a bonded pair is the same as the adoption fee for a single cat: $85

History: BOOTS’ HISTORY: Boots was originally in an open cat room animal control, and was then adopted into a multiple (6) cat household.  He was originally fantastic with the other cats.  Boots was then returned due to a change in living situation.  We tried to re-introduce him to a group of cats (Some of which he lived with in the adoptive home).  Completely unexpectedly Boots did not handle the change well and he refused to eat. He refused to eat to the point that he put himself into organ failure and had to be hospitalized.  At the vet he continued to refuse to eat and deteriorate at the vet and it was decided that it would be best to end his suffering. His foster parents (Two of our co founders Dawn and Mike) went to the vet to spend some time with him, and during that time he started purring and nuzzling them.  The vet saw this and suggested they take him home for the weekend. He was kept by himself and given all kinds of love and he slowly started eating again and gained strength.  After he resumed eating his values went back to normal!  They tried again to introduce him to some of his former housemates and he would again just hide and refuse to eat, so Boots was put in a room by himself.

LADY’S HISTORY:  Lady was originally adopted as a kitten from CACC.  She was brought back to CACC and was rescued by Lulu’s through CRISP.  Lady had not seen another cat since she was adopted as a kitten.

About: Now, the love story.  Lady was brought to Dawn and Mike’s house where one suggested trying to put her with Boots. They weren’t sure how it would go but figured it would be worth a try, they could always be separated.  When they set Lady down, the cats took one look at each other and ran to hide…under the treadmill…next to each other! (Not joking)  Surprisingly they took to each other very quickly.  Boots continued to eat, and they stopped hiding from each other.  They aren’t always attached at the hip, but they give eachother a confidence and vigor that we can’t understand nor explain.

Boots and Lady must be adopted together as a pair.  They will need a patient owner who is willing to follow our advice during the transition to their new home.  We expect it will take a little while before they become completely comfortable in their new home, but once they get comfortable they are two fabulous outgoing, affectionate cats.  Ideally we would love to find them a home with no other cats, but we would be willing to adopt them to homes with easy going cat-friendly cats.

Boots and Lady both love attention from people and will come right up to you to rub and nuzzle against you.  If you sit down you’re probably going to end up with two cats in your lap.  They’re the type of cats who will probably “help” you around the house.

Could you be that special home these kitties are waiting for? Boots: FIV+ Lady: FIV-

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