Doogie at a Glance

  • Location: Oak Forest, IL 60452
  • Age: 2 Years (Est DOB: 03/2015)
  • Color/Breed: Tabby Shorthair  
  • Gender: Male
  • Kids: Yes
  • Dogs: Probably
  • Cats: yes

Doogie’s Story

History:  Doogie was a stray.

About:   Doogie has a luxuriously soft coat, thankfully for you he loves to be pet.  Cuddling is a priority for him and he will let you know when he wants to snuggle.  He’s a sturdy 11 lbs.  He is happy to greet you for head scratching and belly rubs.  He is quite vocal and talks to his foster family all the time.  Doogie enjoys looking out the window, lying in the sun, and watching the birds and ESPN (It’s a guy thing).  He is also quite playful and enjoys toys.

In his foster home, he is slowly being introduced to our dogs through a gate in the doorway of his room.  He has lived with other cats without any problems. We’re very optimistic that he will fit into any kind of family situation, (for example: kids, other cats, and dogs).

Doogie inspecting toys: