Gladys at a Glance

  • Location: Oak Forest, IL 60452
  • Age: Apx 10 Years (Est DOB: 2006)
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Chihuahua
  • Kids: Older
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Cats: Unknown

Gladys’ Story


About:  One of Gladys’ favorite activities is going for walks.  The only command she knows is “no;” if you’re going to know one command that is a good one to know!  She’s very active and excited when you come home, and when you go on walks. But after she goes for a walk and eats she’s pretty much a chihuahua pillow.  She also loves going for rides, and often wants to “help” the driver.  Her foster mom said “eating” is another one of her favorite hobbies.

Gladys has met children and is fine with them, but they do need to be taught to respect her space when she is eating or playing with toys.  She probably would not appreciate active or unpredictable children and would really do best in a situation where children are visitors and not roommates.  Gladys lived with another dog in her foster home until her recent passing.  They got along well, but both kept to themselves.  Recently Gladys’ foster family has added another resident dog to their home and the two of them have played together a bit. Gladys is housebroken if you respond to her signals that she needs to go out.  She will occasionally have accidents during the night.Gladys is not destructive.  She is given a room for herself when no one is home.  It has a crate in it and she loves to go in it and sleep there, but the door is never closed.  Gladys likes to collect stuffed animal “babies.”  She spends her time cleaning and cuddling them.  Gladys can be a little vocal when she hears things she cannot see including cars, TVs in other rooms, people outside etc.  She might do best in a town home or a single family home.

We were told by her first foster home that she did not like men.  Well…that’s not true. She LOVES her foster daddy.  She can barely contain her excitement when she hears the garage when he comes home.  She can be a little protective of the people she loves so she does best meeting new people outside. Her ideal home would be with someone who understands and loves Chihuahuas.