Tom at a Glance

  • Location: Oak Forest, IL 60452
  • Age: Apx 4 Years (Est DOB: 2012)
  • Color/Breed: Black and White Tuxedo Shorthair
  • Gender: Male
  • Kids: Yes
  • Dogs: Some
  • Cats: Yes

Tom’s Story

History: Tom was an owner surrender at CRISP(  His family said they were moving and could not bring him with.  They said he previously lived with kids and dogs, but not cats.

About:   Tom is a lovely, friendly, not-demanding, easy  kitty who has some hilarious and endearing quirks:

-His foster mom says he goes into his carrier very willingly and easily, but once he is inside and ready to go he starts wailing like he is being physically harmed.

-If you had to pick one area where most cats hate to be touched what would you pick? Belly? Yep, us too,  except Tom LOVES to have his belly rubbed. He actually doesn’t have any areas that are off-limits to touch.

-Tom is a very picky eater. He turns his nose up at all the premium brands of food and any canned food.  He will only eat Purina Cat/Kitten chow. He’d rather starve than eat anything else. You win Tom, cat chow it is.

– He has no interest in toys and actually HATES wand toys. They literally upset him!

Tom is great with people and is a perfect mix of affectionate, friendly, and independent.  He would be an appropriate choice for someone who would love to adopt a cat, but isn’t sure they are home enough.  With that said he would not be upset or stressed out if he was adopted into a situation where someone is home 24/7.  Tom is very adaptable in that aspect.  He absolutely loves attention but he isn’t needy at all.  He loves when people are around to talk to him and pet him, but he doesn’t get upset when they’re gone. Tom often entertains himself by looking out the windows.  He is very low energy so he is great for someone who thinks a kitten might be too much for them. He isn’t interested in playing, he just likes to sit and observed.  His silly quirks are juxtaposed with a Clark Gable regalness. He is breathtakingly gorgeous and prefers to just sit by you and enjoy, rather than run around like a kitten.

Tom is now being fostered in a home with dogs, but no cats and kids.  He has been given limited exposure to the dogs so we don’t stress him out.   He is a little suspicious of them at first, but he doesn’t hiss, hide, or attack.  The dogs he has met are very cat friendly and will run right up to a cat to introduce themselves.   He did give one one of the dogs a bop on the head when she got too close too fast, but he kept his claws retracted and held his ground.  Kind of an “excuse me, too close” type of reaction.  We think he would be fine in a home with dogs as long as he is given time to get comfortable with them and they are respectful.

His first foster home had other cats, and in a similar situation to dogs we think he would be fine as long as he is given slow introductions to allow him to become comfortable with the other cats.

Tom has fabulous litter box habits and, much to his foster mom’s delight, he does not kick litter everywhere.  He also only ever scratches his cardboard scratchers, never anything inappropriate.  He does not have any interest in vertical or sisal scratchers.  Just the inexpensive cardboard ones designed to lay on the floor.