Ty at a Glance

  • Location: Bolingbrook, IL 60440
  • Age: Apx 2 Years (Est DOB: 2014)
  • Weight: 55lbs
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Mountain Cur Mix
  • Kids: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Cats: No

Ty’s Story

History:  Ty was a stray that was brought to animal control.  He was there for about 6 weeks before being brought into LLR.

About:  Ty is a very sweet, friendly, active dog.  He has a canine foster sister that he LOVES to play with.  When Ty first arrived in his foster home he was crated at night because his foster mom was afraid they’d never stop playing if she didn’t impose a mandatory night time break!  As it turns out, they will indeed stop playing and they both get to sleep in bed at night.  Ty’s foster home doesn’t have any children, but he was watched for a week by a family with children and they said he was great with their kids and is very gentle.  Ty has a very high prey drive so he will not be suitable for homes with cats.

Ty is housetrained and he knows how to ring bells when he needs to go outside.  He also knows “sit” and his foster home is working on “lay down” and “no jump.”  He gets excited to meet new people and sometimes jumps up on them. At first he wasn’t wild about his crate, but now all his foster family has to say is “go to your house” and he goes right into his crate.  He might bark or whine for a minute but always settles down.

Ty was able to scale a 6 foot fence at his foster home so he will always need to be on a lead/tie out when he’s outside. (Believe it or not, he climbed the fence, and then balanced on the top).  Ty is a young, energetic dog and would make a great playmate for another dog.  Without a playmate Ty will need a very active foster family that likes to go on long walks or runs.  He isn’t perfect on leash, his foster family accuse the other dog in the house for teaching him the bad leash manners.  He might walk better without the naughty outside influence.

Ty loves people, all of them.  He loves to be given attention and is a great snuggle buddy.  He’s a “shadow” dog and loves to follow his foster parents around the house.  Ty is an affectionate, fun, happy, friendly dog who will make a great pet for a great family.
Ty plays in the snow: https://youtu.be/hVQv2b3mDCA