Adoption Application

Questions to consider:

  • Am I ready to care for a cat or dog for 7 – 16 years, or longer?
  • Am I financially ready to support an animal for their lifetime?
  • Does my current and future schedule allow for proper care of a cat or dog?
  • Is it the right time in my life to invite a companion animal into my home as a permanent member of my family?

We encourage potential adopters to ask friends, family, and Lulu’s Locker about companion animal experiences in their lives. We want to ensure your new dog or cat friend fits well in your home environment. We are happy to answer any questions you may have – please contact us via email

YES! I want to provide a forever home for an animal companion. Please note: Lulu’s is only able to adopt animals to those living in the Chicagoland area – thank you for understanding.

Dog Adoption Application
Cat Adoption Application