Breed: Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix

Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn

Age: Senior

Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less

Sex: Female

Foster Location: 


HISTORY: Ally’s owner surrendered her to animal control after 11 years.AGE: 11 years

ABOUT: Ally is a chiweenie, a mix of chihuahua and dachshund. It is very obvious that Ally was carried a lot in her previous home. Although she loves to be carried, it seems that it led her to have a fairly sheltered life. Ally has quite a bit of anxiety over new situations. When she first arrived at her foster home she was afraid of everything: car rides, the pet store, loud noises, you name it. Her first response is to ask to be picked up so she can avoid the situation. Not surprisingly she is afraid of new adults, but much less so of children. She responds best to adults who will crouch down to greet her. Her behavior is clearly all fear based. She has a wonderful foster home who is exposing her to new situations slowly without the option of being picked up; she has been making absolutely fabulous progress.

In her foster home she currently lives with 3 much larger dogs. Everyone gets along great! If her forever home had dogs it would be best for them to be calm and emotionally stable so that Ally has good examples to learn from.

Ally has not met any cats yet, but she does not appear to have any prey drive. She shows no interest in chasing birds and small animals at the park or on walks.

Speaking of walks, Ally is an all-terrain walker. She loves to go for walks and has no problems walking on anything: concrete, dirt, grass, rocks, and even shallow water. If she has a leash attached to her collar she will pull to hard and choke herself, she walks much better on a harness.

She is housetrained, and has not been crated at her foster home. She has been left for up to 5 hours with no issues. She has free rein at night and chooses not to sleep with her foster dad. She’ll usually jump up with him when he goes to bed, but leaves after a minute or two to go to one of her favorite spots.

A few things get Ally really excited: chuckit balls and squeaky toys, food and treats, and when her foster dad gets home after being away.

Her foster home has put her through the whole grooming process: brushing her teeth, cleaning her ears, bath time, nail trim. She didn’t love the process, but didn’t protest.

Because Ally was likely carried a lot she loves to be with her people. She will follow her people anywhere. As much as Ally loves to be carried, she would do best in a home that will continue working with her fears, and this does mean that she can’t be picked up every time she demands it. When it is time to carry her Ally loves to be carried on her back like a baby and have her belly rubbed.

Oh, lastly, did we mention how cute she is? I mean. Those. Ears.