Butch at a Glance

  • Location: Adoption Center – Frankfort, IL 60423
  • Age:  4 Years (Est DOB: 12/2013)
  • Color/Breed:  Maine Coon Mix
  • Gender: Male
  • Kids: Yes
  • Dogs: Unknown
  • Cats: Yes

Butch’s Story

History:  Butch was surrendered to a facility who was going to euthanize him because he is FIV+  One of our supporters saw him and offered to foster him to save his life.

About:  Butch is a friendly, outgoing guy.  He loves people and will come up to them and meow until he gets their attention.   Butch may not have had the easiest life, the vet thinks he has a bb lodged in his chin, but because it isn’t causing any harm we feel its best to leave it. Before Butch moved to the adoption center he was in a foster him.  They said the minute they opened his carrier on the first day he came right out and went up to them and jumped into their laps. The foster home also had an energetic 18 month old child who Butch was very comfortable with. Butch figured out how to get out of the way when the child was coming in hot! 🙂  Butch now lives with multiple other cats at our adoption center. He doesn’t interact too much with the other cats, but they don’t bother him in the least and he is never one to start anything; he coexists easily. Butch looovveeess attention from people and will crawl right up onto you and snuggle you. If you’re looking for a bold and outgoing guy Butch is a great cat for you to meet!  His foster home used the following words to describe him: Sweet, Funny, Outgoing, Cuddly, and Affectionate. Butch is smaller than a full Maine Coon. FIV+

You can visit Butch at our Adoption Center: 20901 S 80th Ave, Frankfort, IL 60423
Our adoption center has open hours from 12-3 each Sunday.  We are also available by appointment for approved applicants.