Callie at a Glance

  • Location: Wauconda, IL 60084
  • Age: Apx 1 year (Est DOB: 06/2015)
  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Pit Bull Mix
  • Kids: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Cats: Yes

Callie’s Story


About:  Meet Callie (or Calzone as we affectionately call her)!! Callie is about a year old, spayed, and housebroken. Also, she’s the most adorable size, weighing in around 35 pounds.

Callie has come a long way since her rescue – for the first week, she was so terrified, she had to be carried everywhere. As she learned to trust humans again and began to feel comfortable, her awkwardly hilarious personality began to shine through. She’s the queen of trotting backwards and sleeping in the strangest positions! Callie has also earned the nickname “Nibbler” because she loves to come up and gently nibble on your fingernails and rings…her silly personality is seriously so endearing!

Although Callie’s still a little leery of people, she hasn’t met a dog or cat she didn’t want to become best friends with. She truly lights up in the presence of another dog and exudes happiness, confidence, and security. That being said, Callie needs to be in a home with another dog so she can build her confidence even more and learn how to “dog.” Callie is very smart but because of her initial fear and insecurity around people, she knows only a few commands so far. However, we are confident that a patient doggie brother/sister will teach her and help her master so many more!

Callie has been known to catch a case of the “zoomies,” especially when a bully stick is involved. Getting a little rough and tumble with a dog friend is totally cool with Callie, but she also enjoys relaxing on a nice soft bed with her favorite blanket. Other things Callie loves are car rides, chewing on bones/antlers, sitting in the kitchen while you cook so she can enjoy all the delicious smells, and sitting outside creepin’ on all the passerbys. She truly is the sweetest, most gentle girl and gets along with dogs, cats, and kids alike (however, she has only met kids 6+).

Callie is so excited to join your family and you will quickly fall in love with this incredibly sweet, silly and adorable girl!!”


Callie and Manny Mae Play:

More video of Callie and Manny Mae:

Callie Catch Fail:

Callie chasing squirrels in her sleep:

Callie playing with MacGyver on Couch:

Callie being silly and playing hard to get:

Callie getting treats for sitting and for being cute:

Callie watching Training on TV:

Callie likes to watch TV:

Callie gets a Bully Stick: