Clarence at a Glance

  • Location: Evanston, IL 60202
  • Age: Apx 7 Months (Est DOB: August 2016)
  • Color/Breed: Orange Tabby and White Shorthair
  • Gender: Male
  • Kids: Yes
  • Dogs: Unknown
  • Cats: Yes

Clarence and Cady’s Story

Clarence MUST be adopted with Cady.

**Bonded pairs are two animals that cannot be separated and must be adopted into the same home. The adoption fee for a bonded pair is the same as the adoption fee for a single cat: $85

History: Cady was a stray that was brought to animal control. Clarence was brought to animal control after being found nearly frozen to death.  His hind end is still a bit wobbly but has been improving over time. Clarence was broughtin during CRISP hours:

About:  Clarence and Cady were brought into their foster home at different times.  When Clarence arrived he was still recovering from the condition he was found in.  He obviously had a hard start in life and was fairly shy with humans.  There are multiple cats in the foster home but Clarence immediately took to Cady as his BFF, and the feeling is mutual.  With her help he has really blossomed and gotten over most of his shyness. (It doesn’t hurt that he is naturally curious).  He can be a little shy at first when meeting new people, but his curiosity and need for attention usually draws him out quickly.  Clarence and Cady were originally rescued through two different organizations, but Clarence became so enamored and bonded to Cady that we asked to transfer her to Lulu’s so that they could be adopted out as a bonded pair.

Cady and Clarence love playing with wand toys and mice.  Clarence is a particularly enthusiastic player.  (Make sure to watch their videos to see how fun they are!)  Although Cady is a bit more mellow than Clarence they love to play together and can often be found snuggling together after they’re worn out.  They both still have kitten energy so they will need to be adopted to a home that has time to play and interact with them.

We asked their foster to provide words that describe Cady and Clarence:

Cady: Sweet, Affectionate, Well Behaved, Quiet

Clarence: Hilarious, Determined, Precocious, Affectionate, Clumsy

Clarence and Cady could possibly be adopted to a home with dogs, if the dog is very calm and respectful of the cats.  We also think they would be fine being adopted to a home with gentle children.  Clarence will take a bit of time to become comfortable, but calm, affectionate, friendly children might be right up his alley.

Additional video of them playing: