Doogie at a Glance

  • Location: Oak Forest, IL 60452
  • Age: 2 Years (Est DOB: 03/2015)
  • Color/Breed:  Brown Tabby Shorthair
  • Gender: Male
  • Kids: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Cats: Yes

Doogie’s Story

History:  Doogie was originally found as a stray and adopted out.  He was only in his home for a few months before his owner called to return him because he was peeing and “tearing the house up.”  We have seen NONE of those behaviors since being returned.  He is showing quite the opposite as he appears to be a very flexible, adaptable, smart kitty.  He religiously uses his litter box and has never “torn up the house”…whatever that meant.  Unfortunately lies like this are not uncommon as some people use them to make the situation seem urgent, or others will do this to make themselves feel better about abandoning an animal.

About:   Doogie is such a cool guy!  He is very social with humans and animals alike.  He has been perfectly friendly with his foster’s grandchildren (5yrs and 14yrs).  Doogie loves to be touched ANYWHERE so he would probably be a great cat for a home with children.  He even enjoys belly rubs! Doogie doesn’t mind being picked up and carried. He will literally accept any attention you want to give him.  Doogie also lives with three dogs and two cats.  He loves to  play with the largest dog (70lbs), but mostly ignores the senior dog and small dog as they aren’t interested in playing with him.  The two cats he lives with are older and aren’t really interested in playing with him.  He still occasionally tries to play with them and unfortunately stresses them out a bit.  He means well, but doesn’t always take a hint.  Doogie would do much better with younger more playful cats.  We would recommend slow controlled introductions like we do with all our animals.  The positive relationships Doogie has with the resident pets were nurtured through slow controlled introductions.

Doogie is VERY playful.  He loves to play with any and all toys, including the dog’s rubber balls.  He will roll around and throw it for himself.  He also occasionally uses the rugs on the floor as part of his games and will flip them over and bunch them up.  When he isn’t playing he enjoys just hanging out watching the happenings at home and also enjoys a good dose of looking out the window.

Doogie’s foster mom used the following words to describe him: Adaptable, Loving, Smart, Talkative, Playful.

Doogie inspecting toys: