Black Dogs and Cats

Love Knows No Color!


Through no fault of their own, blacks cats and dogs have historically been the most overlooked and highly euthanized animals. They wait much longer to be adopted than animals of other colors or markings, and a disproportionate number of them end up being euthanized because they are consistently overlooked and discriminated against in fables as well as every-day life.

Lulu’s Locker is setting out to educate the public and create a shift in thinking about these wonderful animals. Our mission is to rescue black cats and dogs from situations where they would otherwise be euthanized, and provide them with the loving homes they deserve.

The reality is that black animals are just as loving, caring, and wonderful as other companion animals. The most important factors when adopting ANY animal are personality and demeanor, as well as the ability to get along with other animals and children in the home. Choosing a black animal BECAUSE of their fur color will save them from abuse, relinquishment, being overlooked, and/or euthanasia.

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Black Dog Syndrome – Black dogs have been considered the underdog of all homeless dogs for many years, their lives ending with two counts against them – one is their size and the second their color. The majority of black dogs are large breeds and for this reason, the black dog is almost always the first to be euthanized and the last to be adopted out to a forever home. They are overlooked due to their simple fur color and lack of markings, and their black fur is less photogenic making them less marketable online and in photos. Black Dog Syndrome means that there are greater numbers of black dogs, inevitably making it harder for one to be adopted. If there are more black dogs then others, then they are more likely to be euthanized.

Reasons to Adopt a Black Dog! – They are every bit as wonderful as lighter-colored dogs, and make just as loving and faithful companions. Black dogs aren’t identical—they have a huge range of body types and characteristics and they can be herders, retrievers, pointers, or sleepers. Last but not least, you’re saving a life that’s at an even higher risk of being cut short!

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Black Cat Myths – Black cats have been given a bad rap for centuries. They have been seen as omens and bad luck since the Middle Ages, serving as Halloween and Friday the 13th mascots, to delivering misfortune as they cross your path. Sadly, these superstitions and negative impressions surrounding black cats, through no fault of their own, does mean life or death for them. Even though they have the same range of personalities as other cats, stray black cats may be more likely to be targeted for abuse, and abused cats are less likely to make good companions without lots of love and care by the guardian.

Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat! – Black cats need homes just like other shelter animals, and are in the most need. They have unique and engaging personalities like other cats, and have gorgeous green, gold, or copper eyes. They can be sleek, fluffy, or soft, and are short- or long-haired, with patterns like blue-black, auburn-shaded, and white-speckled. Most importantly, black cats are fun, loving, not bad luck, and are the least likely to get adopted!

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”
– Groucho Marx