Gladys at a Glance

  • Location: Chicago, IL 60618
  • Age: Apx 11 Years (Est DOB: 2006)
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Chihuahua
  • Kids: Older
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Cats: Yes

Gladys’ Story

History:  After Gladys’ owner passed away, she was surrendered to a high kill shelter around the age of 9.  Fortunately, Lulu’s locker rescued her and her new life began.


About:  Gladys is a happy and goofy Corgi – Chihuahua mix.  She has the body of a Chihuahua with the legs, feet and ears of a Corgi.  She may not look like it, but she is truly an athlete.  She loves walking and being outside.  She can walk a mile in under 20 minutes and regularly walks between 2 and 5 miles a day.  In the house, Gladys is happy to run around with a toy or hang out in her dog bed.  Currently Gladys lives with a senior Chihuahua and she would easily co-exist with another dog and may be a playful companion with the right dog.

Most of all, Gladys loves being with her humans and the phrase “Velcro dog” fits her.  Since she loves car rides, she is an easy road trip companion.  Treats and toys are some of Gladys’ favorite things, she is smart, trainable, treat motivated and likes to play fetch or just carry a toy around in her mouth.  

Like some dogs in rescue, Gladys’ life before foster was probably not an easy one.  No one taught her simple manners and likely she was likely not given the opportunity to spend time with a lot of different people, places or things.  Despite her past she is quickly learning basic dog manners and walks next to you nicely on leash, knows her name, “come,” “sit” and sits so you can put her leash on and take it off, even though putting on her leash is a very exciting time!  While most of the time she walks perfectly on leash, she has not had a lot of experience with bicycles, motorcycles, joggers and kids on scooters.  These things can scare her and she will bark and pull on her leash.  However, she is learning about these “triggers” and is working hard on ignoring things that might have bothered her in the past.

Gladys is housebroken.  While she doesn’t require a crate, her foster home keeps her in a separate room when not at home as she is quite the guard dog.  Currently she is working on understanding that her guarding services are not always needed.   People also need to leave her alone when she is in her bed as she can be protective of it and of toys.  Corgis are known for their guarding, herding and rodent killing abilities and Gladys is no exception.  She will let you know when something outside doesn’t sound right, though she is not a big barker.  She regularly pokes the back of her foster’s legs with her nose in funny herding fashion.  While she ignores most birds and other animals, she can’t resist the smell of rabbits and likes to watch them.

Gladys is also working on manners in in regards to greeting visitors coming inside the house.  She needs a slow introduction to guests, but with treats and kind words, Gladys is happy to hang out in her bed.  She is a perfect house guest when visiting other people’s homes.  She likes visiting others and is happy to sniff around indoors and out.      

Gladys loves all dogs she meets, big and small, will play with some and is playful with cats who would like to play with her. Gladys’ is a loving and fun companion who would fit into a variety of forever home types.  She likes older kids, dogs, cats and people in general.  She needs a home with people who are either dog savvy or willing to learn and continue to work with her on manners.

Gladys speed walking:

Gladys dries herself off after a bath: