Lulu's Locker Rescue Adoption CenterWe are happy to announce the opening of our new Adoption Center in Frankfort

Erin, Mike, and I started Lulu’s Locker Rescue over 5 years ago. Our mission is to provide education, to advocate, and to rescue overlooked animals in our community. These animals could be overlooked because of breed, age, color, medical condition, or just because there are other more urgent animals, and they aren’t getting as much attention.

During this time, FIV+ cats have always held a special place in our hearts. Even with all the literature about how they can live as long as FIV-, and research done on how they can live with FIV- cats, they have continued to be overlooked in our rescue. We have wonderful black cats, older cats, and cats with some medical issues that have been in foster care for far too long.

Our solution? For them to be seen by the public in a warm, quiet environment. An environment that is cageless where volunteers can socialize with the cats. That is why we went to the next step and opened a small, adoption center in Frankfort.   Watch the video

Please help us with this next big step! We have a lot of work to do at the adoption center, and we are estimating the cost to be 15K. We would love to open up the beginning of April so we can start finding homes for some amazing cats!


Dawn Isenhart-Copp, President