Hula at a Glance

  • Location: Chicago, IL 60625
  • Age: Apx 4 Years (Est DOB: January 2013)
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Kids: Yes
  • Dogs: Some
  • Cats: No

Hula’s Story

History: Hula was a stray brought to Chicago Animal Care and Control.  She has clearly had multiple litters of puppies in her life.  It was obvious she had never lived in a home setting before and was possibly used exclusively for breeding.  We had her DNA tested and she is 100% American Staffordshire Terrier.

About:**Special adopter needed!**  Hula has been waiting since January 2016 for her family to find her.  Hula is reactive with other dogs so she will need a home that doesn’t mind leaving her behind when they dine al fresco, or when they go to the park.  This isn’t a big deal for Hula because she finds those situations stressful and would much rather stay home.  Hula will also need a home that doesn’t find it a big deal that friends and family cannot bring their dogs when they come to visit.  Hula is an AWESOME dog, so we feel this has to be the only reason she has not been adopted.   
Hula is a hoot and is full of personality.  She will do something every day that makes you smile.  (That thing might be pulling and eating all the radishes in your garden greens and all, but she’s so cute and really loves radishes, so you can’t be mad.)  Hula is great with people, loves children, and is comfortable with crowds of people at home for parties/holidays.  She isn’t always self aware so she might bump over the smallest of children without even noticing.  Hula doesn’t really understand what the deal is with personal space and loves to be cuddled, hugged, and touched.  She has no off-limits areas.  Beware, she doesn’t understand why anyone would want personal space, so she’s going to cuddle and touch you everywhere too! Consider yourself warned.  She loves to have her belly rubbed and will sometimes just flop over if you look at her a certain way. (She’s hopeful, always hopeful!)

Hula is not allowed on the furniture in her foster home so that her forever family can make that decision for her.  She is allowed on one piece of furniture in the basement and she understands that it is the only one she can be on.  She is also allowed on the sofa at “grandma’s” house and she loves to be able to snuggle up next to you.  She would love to curl up and watch TV with you.  Hula loves to be with you and likes to follow people around and be their “helper.”
Hula has a great medium-level energy requirement.  She does not need daily runs or hour long walks to be happy.  Her foster mom is home all day and she usually spends most of it napping, lying in the sun, chewing her toys or looking out the windows. Most days she’ll get jazzed up and playful and will need a short but intense game of tug, or she’ll wear herself out by getting the zoomies if you throw some toys for her.  This will take you all of 10 minutes.  She is content to play with (destroy) toys on her own and her bed is always filled with no less than 27 toys at any given time. Somehow she finds a way to sleep there too, she claims she likes it that way.
Hula lives with another dog, but she has developed a fear/anxiety when it comes to other dogs and has become reactive.  We have determined that she might be able to integrate (using slow introduction practices) with some (but not all) very easy going dogs who will not react back at her.  She loves the dog she lives with and they have never had an issue.  Hula would LOVE to be an only dog and the center of attention.
Hula is very smart and very treat motivated.  She is a hard worker and would love to continue learning tricks for fun.  She currently knows Sit, Down, Shake/Paw, Sleep, Bow, Watch Me (Eye contact), Target (Touch outstretched fingers), Go to your apartment (Crate).  Hula associates her crate with positive things (treats) and she is very happy/excited to go in and will go hang out in it with the door open by her own choice.  Hula has great house manners and is not always crated in her foster home.
Hula does have a silly/naughty side that is often so funny that you can’t even be mad.  Her achilles heel is food. In addition to helping herself to some of the edibles in the garden at her foster home, she has also grabbed a whole cantaloupe off the counter and carried it to her bed to snack on.  Hula has some good stories (with photo evidence) of her first few months in foster when she was learning everything about being a house dog.  They may not have always been funny then, but they surely are now!  Her foster mom can share the entertainment if you apply to adopt her.
You can follow her silly ways at: