Jenny at a Glance

  • Location: Oak Forest, IL 60452
  • Age: 2 Years (Est DOB: 2014)
  • Color/Breed: Tabby and White Shorthair
  • Gender: Female
  • Kids: Probably
  • Dogs: Unknown
  • Cats: Yes

Jenny’s Story

History:   Jenny was a stray from Oak Forest that ended up at animal control.

About:   Jenny (like most cats) was a bit stressed out after being at animal control.  After a bit of a decompression period she has shown herself to be a dignified, confident kitty.  She is not one to follow the crowd.  She is part of a multiple cat household and is completely comfortable having feline companions.  She chooses her seat and if someone comes to sit by her she is fine with that.  If no one comes to sit by her she is ok with that too.  The laser light is a big hit and many of the cats come running.  Jenny chooses to calmly watch the entertainment from wherever she is perched at the moment.  (She does like to play with it too…when she mood strikes her.)  She doesn’t seek out or demand attention, but is a big fan of chin scratches.  She was initially a little unsure of excessive attention, but she has really warmed up to it.  Her foster home can pick her up, hug her, and give her kisses.  When she’s had her fill, she calmly and politely asks to be set down.  Her foster mom thinks she would warm up to it even more in a situation that lends itself to more one-on-one attention.  She is much like a dignified queen, she doesn’t need to follow the crowd, and appreciates when attention is given to her but she doesn’t need to subject herself to begging.  Her one weakness is food.  She loves wet food, dry food, treats, you name it!  Jenny is a very sweet, very easy cat.