Lady at a Glance

  • Location: Hickory Hills, IL 60457
  • Age: 2 Years (Est DOB: June 2015)
  • Color/Breed:  Brown Tabby Shorthair
  • Gender: Female
  • Kids: Likely
  • Dogs: Unknown
  • Cats: Yes


History:  Lady was originally adopted as a kitten from CACC.  She was brought back to CACC and was rescued by Lulu’s through CRISP.  Lady did not live with other pets in her first adoptive home.

About:  Lady looovveess attention from people.  She always comes out to meet everyone when company is over.  She has never lived with children, but we think she would do just fine because she is very loving and sweet with people.  She can’t get enough attention so she would probably love to have some gentle kids around to pet her.  She doesn’t seem to mind being picked up, and always appreciates a lift onto the couch with you.  Lady is currently being fostered with another cat.  The resident cat was initially unimpressed with Lady’s presence and was a bit standoffish.  Lady initially tried to convince her to play, but after her attempts were not rewarded she is a little cautious around the other cat.  They now keep a polite distance without completely avoiding each other.  Lady might appreciate living with a cat who is a little more playful and friendly. She loves to play with wand/ribbon toys.  Lady’s #1 favorite thing is attention.  She loves to be with her people and to have them touch her.  She is a great conversationalist also. If you’re looking for a people motivated and curious cat, Lady might be the one for you.  We don’t know how Lady would be with dogs, but she is curious enough that she might adapt well with a cat friendly, non-overwhelming dog.  It would also be appropriate to adopt Lady as an only pet.