MacGyver at a Glance

  • Location: Wauconda, IL 60084
  • Age: 1.5 Years (Est DOB: 01/2016)
  • Color/Breed:  Tabby and White Mediumhair
  • Gender: Male
  • Kids: Likely
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Cats: Yes

MacGyver’s Story

History:  MacGyver was originally adopted from CACC but he was returned during a CRISP ( shift 4 months later due to allergies.  We pulled him into rescue directly from CRISP.

About:  MacGyver is completely blind.  He has a completely detached retina in one eye, and a partially detached retina in the other.  MacGyver has most likely been blind since birth so he does not know any differently.  His foster mom said that he has adapted very well and that he acts just like any other cat.  His foster family said he has a special meow that he only uses when he is trying to locate them.  He will wait until they call out/respond to him and he will continue to meow/listen/meow/listen until he can track them down.

MacGyver LOVES being picked up and held.  Face scratches are also a favorite but he will accept pets just about anywhere.   MacGyver is being fostered with a resident cat and a dog.  He is completely comfortable with the dog and loves to play with her!  After a bit of time the resident cat has warmed up to MacGyver and they will now play and sleep together. MacGyver would probably love to live with a with a more playful interactive cat, but he was completely comfortable when the resident cat wanted her space. He will play with wand toys that are very close to his face, and toys that are noisy.  He is particularly fond of foil balls and milk jug rings.  Despite being completely blind MacGyver has the uncanny ability to catch flies.

We think MacGyver would be just fine with children because he is super friendly and affectionate, but we would suggest older kids who are able to understand his visual impairments.  He needs to be picked up and set down slowly so he does not become disoriented.  He will also likely benefit from a consistent environment so he can learn to navigate around the house without bumping into too many things. MacGyver is currently receiving daily eye drops that will likely be long term.

MacGyver Grooming and being handsome:

MacGyver plays with Hand:

MacGyver plays with Callie on the sofa:

MacGyver meets Callie on the stairs:

MacGyver plays in a basket:

MacGyver and resident cat play in a box:

MacGyver plays with a plastic spring toy:

MacGyver snuggling with his foster mom:

MacGyver making biscuits:

MacGyver plays with a ball: