Maude at a Glance

  • Location: Chicago, 60641
  • Age: 12 Years (Est DOB: 07/2005)
  • Color/Breed:  Orange Shorthair
  • Gender: Female
  • Kids: Likely
  • Dogs: Likely
  • Cats: Yes

Maude’s Story

Maude MUST be adopted with Frannie.

**Bonded pairs are two animals that cannot be separated and must be adopted into the same home. The adoption fee for a bonded pair is the same as the adoption fee for a single cat: $85

History:  Maude and Frannie were owner surrenders to an animal control facility.

About:   The first question you probably have is “What’s up with Frannie’s eyes?”  Frannie is blind and likely lived with glaucoma her whole life.  Her eyes expanded as the pressure inside them increased.  Frannie has been completely checked over by a veterinary ophthalmologist. Her right eye has normal pressure and is no longer glaucomatous. The pressure in her left eye is currently controlled with eye drops three times per day which she takes like a champ.  She will need to have her eye pressures checked 4-6 times a year to make sure the medicine is still working.  The veterinarian also does not believe her eye condition is painful most of the time.  Frannie navigates quite well and rarely bumps into anything, but she will benefit from a predictable environment where all her needs are easily accessible.

Frannie and Maude are currently sharing their foster room with a senior male cat and everyone gets along really well.  Maude has gotten along great with every other cat she has met.  Frannie is more sensitive and will react if another cat gets in her face, likely because she cannot see to understand the other cat’s intentions.  Due to Frannie’s blindness they would do best with other calm, easy going cats.  They have also met the foster home’s pug from a distance on a few occasion and neither cat seemed upset nor overly interested.  They would probably do fine in a home with a very calm very cat friendly dog.  (Remember that Frannie won’t be able to assess the situation nor be able to avoid a more active or more interactive dog.)

Frannie’s ideal home will be a calm and predictable home to keep unnecessary stress to a minimum so her blood pressure does not rise.  Frannie and Maude are overall not very playful.  Maude will occasionally half-heartedly bat at a wand toy.  Frannie and Maude will rub up against their foster mom and love to sit next to her for attention, but neither are thrilled about being picked up.  Frannie loves to be brushed and Maude loves to look out the window to watch the birds and squirrels.

These ladies have great potential to be relaxed, easy going companion cats.  Maude will rub up against the other cat they room with and will snuggle with him but Frannie is more independent.  She likes to know people/animals are around her for comfort, but mostly keeps to herself as far as the other animals go.  Neither cat has ever gone looking for trouble.  Both Frannie and Maude can be a bit shy at first but they are very friendly, chatty, and love attention.  They would be appropriate for a family with children who can completely understand Frannie’s condition and the special considerations that she needs.

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