Rogue at a Glance

  • Location: Chicago, IL 60641
  • Age: 3 Years (Est DOB: 2013)
  • Color/Breed: Black Shorthair
  • Gender: Female
  • Kids: No
  • Dogs: Possibly
  • Cats: Yes

Rogue’s Story

History: Rogue was found with her two 4-6 month old kittens in an industrial area.

About:  Rogue was likely never completely socialized, so she has some quirks about her.  Rogue is currently being fostered with two senior female cats and she gets along with them famously.  She also was very good with her own kittens before they were adopted out.  She is being fostered in a home with a dog, but hasn’t completely been introduced to her.  We believe she would adapt to a cat-savvy dog.  Rogue gets very stressed out with excessive handling. She is not comfortable being picked up and it can very very difficult to get her into her carrier.  She does love less intrusive handling and will let you scratch and pet her head indefinitely.  She has a bit of a playful side and likes to hide in the dark and pounce on her foster mom’s feet at feeding time in the morning.  She also likes to play with toys especially mice that jingle and balls.  She also likes to play with wand toys but will randomly act afraid of them.  She only ever scratches on her cardboard scratching pad.  She’s quite the talker and will let her foster mom know that her food bowl is still empty every 3 seconds until it’s ready.  She will also mention if her water bowl needs to be filled.  

Rogue will need to be adopted by an experienced cat owner.  She will need time to trust her new home, but she has done really well in her foster home.  She will always have some quirks related to her lack of socialization.  She can be a bit unpredictable so she should not go to homes with children.  Something that she would tolerate yesterday she might not tolerate today.  Things that did not stress her out yesterday, might stress her out today.  She would make a fabulous companion for another cat(s).

One day Rogue figured out how to open the door to her “suite.”  She went right to the kitchen to demand to be fed.  Her foster mom didn’t even notice it was her until she looked down.  She didn’t bother looking around or meeting any of other animals, she just went straight to the food.

Her foster mom says she can be chatty and opinionated and you might even say bossy, but also scared and shy.  Rogue also has a bit of a silly and playful side.

Rogue interacts with her foster mom:

Rogue plays with a feather want toy I:

Rogue plays with a feather wand toy II: