Simba at a Glance

  • Location: Des Plaines, IL 60016
  • Age: Apx 10 Years (Est DOB: 08/2006)
  • Color/Breed: White with Black Shorthair
  • Gender: Female
  • Kids: Probably
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Cats: Yes

Simba’s Story

History:  We met Simba’s distraught owner in the lobby of animal control. She needed to surrender Simba, but couldn’t bring herself to do it.  We welcomed Simba into Lulu’s Locker and promised her owner we would find Simba a good home.


Simba is a sweet, easy going senior.  During Simba’s intake wellness visit eye exam, the vet noted that she had fewer blood vessels than normal and was likely visually impaired.  She certainly can see, and detect motion, but she does have issues with depth perception.  Simba gets around fine, but does occasionally bump into things and is very cautious when jumping down from heights.  She might require extra time and care as she learns the layout of a new home.

Simba lives in a multiple cat household with cats ranging from 9 months to 14 years.  She gets along great with every one of them.  Simba even lets the the annoying guy who plays too rough to sit by her…as long as he is sitting on his paws.  Simba also lives with a small dog, and we were told she lived with a small dog in her original home.  Her canine foster brother generally doesn’t chase the cats, but every once in awhile he likes to give them a good tease. Simba doesn’t even bother to move and lets him sniff her and waits for him to move along.  She would be totally comfortable with a respectful, cat savvy dog.

Although Simba gets along great with all of the other animals, its people that really make her world go ‘round.  Simba might be a bit shy when meeting new people, but once she gets to know you she wants to be around you as much as possible.  She’ll always invite herself over for some attention if you don’t look busy.  When people aren’t available Simba goes and finds herself another animal to hang with.  Simba has no problem being home during a regular work day, but she loves people so much she wouldn’t be a great choice for someone who is gone all day and all night.  We don’t imagine that Simba would have any issues with children, but they would need to understand that they need to be calm and respectful of her while she gets comfortable with her new surroundings.  She loves to snuggle in bed with you and sit on your lap.  We can’t say that being picked up is her favorite thing, but she is agreeable.

Simba isn’t just a bump on a log, she likes to play with crinkle balls and a motion activated toy.  When she’s not playing or in her person’s orbit she enjoys sunning herself and making sure that her white coat is impeccable. Simba’s foster mom said she is: Beautiful, Sweet, Loving, Resilient, and Amiable. Simba is sweet and friendly with people and other animals. She truly is the perfect cat!