Sissy at a Glance

  • Location: Homewood, IL 60430
  • Age: Apx 10 Years (Est DOB: 2006)
  • Color/Breed: Black Shorthair
  • Gender: Female
  • Kids: Probably
  • Dogs: No
  • Cats: Some

Sissy’s Story

History:  Sissy was rescued from animal control as a pregnant senior. She raised 5 kittens of her own plus an orphaned kitten.

About: Sissy is a beautiful petite black kitty.  She has a bit of white on her toes as if she tiptoed through white paint.  Sissy is currently being fostered with other cats and a dog, but she is afraid of the dog so she would do best in a home without dogs.
She would do fine in a home with other cats if they aren’t too interested in interacting with her.  Sissy isn’t territorial and doesn’t mind if other cats eat out of her bowls or use her litter box, she just isn’t into being buddy-buddy with another cat.  Sissy is very affectionate, and even chatty at times but she is not needy.  She will often follow the people into whatever room they go into, but doesn’t need to be on top of you.

Sissy does like to help her people shower and will often peek her head around the curtain.  When she is fed or has her litter box cleaned, she purrs and rubs against you to show her gratitude. She does like to play with a variety of kitty toys, but only when she’s feeling like it.  She’s pretty self sufficient/independent and will play with toys by herself.

If you’re looking for a laid back kitty that won’t climb your curtains Sissy might be just what you are looking for!