Ty at a Glance

  • Location: Chicago, IL 60651
  • Age: 5 Years (Est DOB: 09/2012)
  • Weight: 41lbs
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Mountain Cur Mix
  • Kids: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Cats: No

Ty’s Story

History:  Ty was a stray that we pulled from Chicago Animal Care and Control.

About:  Ty is an awesome guy with great house manners.  He is completely house trained (rings bells), is very quiet, and is slowly earning the privilege of not being crated.  He has never done anything bad/destructive while being left out of his crate, his foster home just chooses to allow this privilege in increasing duration over time.  He has currently been left for 5-6 hours without issue.  Ty is also great with other dogs and goes to daycare one day a week.  We have been told that he plays very well with the small dogs at daycare.  Mountain Curs are a working breed developed to tree and trail small game. Ty files cats under “small game” so he is not appropriate for a home with cats, or other small animals.  While Ty is not hyper he is high energy and will need daily exercise.  When he is not exercised he does not get crazy or rambunctious, but instead gets anxious and nervous – another common trait of the breed if boredom sets in.  Ty is not interested in burning his energy in a fenced yard and his owner will need to be committed to daily walks.  Ty would probably do great at a sport like agility or nose work as he is very smart and incredibly eager to learn/please.  He needs the mental exercise as much as he needs the physical exercise.  Ty would be a great running partner if that is your thing.  Ty will do best with a calm owner who can help him keep his emotions in check.  If his owner is calm and collected, Ty is calm and collected.  If his owner is excited and chaotic, Ty is excited and chaotic.  He is a true mirror of his family’s emotions/energy.  He can be unsure of strangers, but this has improved incredibly over time.  We attribute this to the foster home being calm, confident, and not excited when visitors come over. Ty has not been fostered with children but he has always been very appropriate with them and has even spent a few “vacations” with them.  Ty’s mom said he is: Smart, Sweet, Excited, and Trainable.